Author: Jan Morrow

The Best Modern Furniture Stores in Houston

When looking for modern furniture, there are several great places in Houston. Design Within Reach and Industry West are both excellent choices for quality modern pieces, and both are located in Montrose. Reeves Design + Art has been in the Houston modern furniture business for more than 50 years, and they’ve kept their location in […]

Choosing the Right Wood For Furniture

Choosing the right wood for furniture can be confusing. There are so many different kinds and grades. What’s worse is that you may not be able to resell it or restore it. To avoid this, you should know what properties each wood has and how to match them to the look of your home. Keep […]

Furniture Fittings and Fixtures

As the construction industry continues to expand, terminology for furniture fittings and fixtures can become complex. Whether it is a table, a chair, or a kitchen, a variety of terminology and nuances can be confusing. As the law governing fixtures and fittings evolves, it is important to understand what is meant by certain terms. In […]

Aquascaping Gardening

Before you get started on your first aquascape, make sure to understand how shrimp live. While shrimp live up to 20 years in the natural world, they are very delicate and need care. A large spoon is best, since it is gentler on the creatures. Shrimp feed on algae found in the aquascape, which adds […]