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Featured Kitchen Renovation

This Featured Kitchen Renovation demonstrates how you can incorporate bold backsplash tiles into your kitchen. You can install them across the entire kitchen, or limit them to the backsplash around the sink and stovetop. In addition, you can include a tile backsplash with storage space underneath. There are countless ways to incorporate bold tiles into […]

Choosing a Kitchen Door Glass Design

Kitchen door glass design options are almost endless. Frosted glass is becoming a popular choice for this purpose. In addition to the obvious options of clear or tinted glass, you can choose a textured frosted glass. Frosted glass is often stamped or sprayed with gold, a dramatic effect. A rectangular block of glass is a […]

The Modern Hood and Hob For Kitchen Ventilation

The hood and hob are a key part of any modern kitchen, but which ones are the most effective? Some are better than others, so it’s worth checking the specs. The purpose of a cooker hood is to keep the kitchen clean and tidy, prevent cooking noise, and improve air quality. There are even NFPA-96 […]

The Charm of an Open Concept Kitchen

The open concept kitchen has its very own charm. If you want to enjoy the space of your home without putting up divisions and so many rooms, then this concept is definitely for you. An open concept kitchen requires creativity and mastery of the ability to use space. Otherwise, inexperienced kitchen contractors will make a mess living […]

How to Select a Kitchen Sink

There are many advantages of choosing a fireclay kitchen sink over a porcelain or glass sink. These sinks are glazed and nonporous, and they are available in a variety of colors. Made of cast iron and enamel, they are guaranteed not to burn, crack, or chip. They require two people to install, but they are […]

Types of Kitchen Furniture

There are many different types of kitchen furniture. The most common are tables and chairs. Dining tables are an important part of the kitchen, as most customers prefer this area to serve as their dining room. The material of the chairs and tables will depend on the overall design and style of the kitchen. Some […]

Keep Your Kitchen Interior Design Simple

If you’re short on counter space, keep your kitchen design simple with a single shelf. Use creative design to hide appliances, such as a microwave or a toaster, and use colorful wallpaper to add a playful touch. To make a small kitchen feel bigger, use a white backsplash and a gold pull-out tray. If you […]

How to Modernize Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re looking for a new look for your kitchen, consider updating your old cabinets with modern ones. Not only will this change the appearance of your kitchen, but it will also increase its functionality. To help you decide which type of cabinet will work best in your home, you can use a virtual room […]

How to Update Your Bed Bath and Beyond Kitchen

There’s always a good bargain to be had at Bed Bath & Beyond when you want to update your kitchen. Sign up for their free weekly newsletter. There are a few ways to get the latest sales and promotions from the store. There’s also a social media outlet called Reviewed, where product experts share reviews […]

Why Shop at Appliances Plus?

There are a number of reasons to shop for kitchen and home appliances at Appliances Plus. The company’s showroom is over 16,000 square feet and has a great selection of major home and commercial appliances. It also offers nationwide delivery. Aside from being a good place to shop, Appliances Plus also offers great service and […]