Author: Jan Morrow

How to Install a Door Monitoring System

A door monitoring system is a device that is used to detect if a door is open or closed by a wrong user. A door monitoring system consists of a locking cylinder with a door monitoring function, and a corresponding software solution. The cylinder is fitted with a sensor, which reliably detects whether the door […]

Mediterranean-Style Homes

The interior and exterior colors of Mediterranean-style homes take their cues from nature. Warm earth tones, like cerulean blue and azure, are used to ground this style. Colors used inside the home can also be rich and richly detailed, like with patterned tiles. Tile and stone flooring are also common in Mediterranean-style homes. These surfaces […]

When Can a Baby Go in a Pool?

Babies love to swim! They’re just learning how to do it and need your help in order to stay safe. If you have a baby who is ready for swimming lessons, here are some tips on when they can go into the pool: Newborns can’t swim, so it’s best to keep them out of the […]

Recessed Floor Mats

Introduction Recessed floor mats are the ideal solution for commercial entrances, schools, airports and high-traffic areas. They keep your floors clean and dry in damp or inclement weather, provide a professional appearance and help maintain your interior building. Recessed Floor Mats for Businesses, Schools and Moreā€¦ Recessed floor mats are the ideal solution for commercial […]

Floor House Elevation Designs

One of the earliest drawings produced during a project is the elevation design. An elevation design shows the exact height and layout of the upcoming home, along with details on the materials used, room layouts and home decor. In construction, an elevation is an orthographic projection of a building’s face. It shows the building from […]

Featured Kitchen Renovation

This Featured Kitchen Renovation demonstrates how you can incorporate bold backsplash tiles into your kitchen. You can install them across the entire kitchen, or limit them to the backsplash around the sink and stovetop. In addition, you can include a tile backsplash with storage space underneath. There are countless ways to incorporate bold tiles into […]

Choosing a Kitchen Door Glass Design

Kitchen door glass design options are almost endless. Frosted glass is becoming a popular choice for this purpose. In addition to the obvious options of clear or tinted glass, you can choose a textured frosted glass. Frosted glass is often stamped or sprayed with gold, a dramatic effect. A rectangular block of glass is a […]

Modern Home Furnishings and Home Decorations

If you’re thinking of revamping your home decor, try adding some modern home furnishings and decorations. They’ll not only add style and character, but will also help you bring your home together. This article will explain how to choose modern home accessories. If you’re not sure where to start, you can always start with two-Modern. […]

Best Home Security Systems for the Money

While you can find some very good home security systems on the market today, there are certain things to consider when choosing the best one. One of the most important factors to consider is whether the security system you’re going to purchase is suitable for the type of location you live in. Country living may […]

The Modern Hood and Hob For Kitchen Ventilation

The hood and hob are a key part of any modern kitchen, but which ones are the most effective? Some are better than others, so it’s worth checking the specs. The purpose of a cooker hood is to keep the kitchen clean and tidy, prevent cooking noise, and improve air quality. There are even NFPA-96 […]