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Integrating Art Into Outdoor Spaces

Enjoying art outdoors provides a special link between nature and art. Many gardens and parks feature sculpture enclaves that help people appreciate both elements even further. Selecting the perfect garden sculpture requires finding pieces with contrast and balance in mind. To find one, try visiting sculpture parks either online or physically; salvage yards offer items […]

Creating a Zen Garden

Frequently raking the gravel or sand helps maintain a smooth appearance, while creating swirling patterns that mimic water ripples. Regularly removing weeds and trimming shrubs also keeps your garden looking neat and tidy. Rocks are often used to represent natural elements such as mountains and islands in a Zen garden. Varying rock sizes adds dimension […]

Landscaping Ideas For Small Backyards

Whether your backyard is small or large, there are plenty of ways to landscape it to add a sense of welcoming beauty. Consider adding a floral focal point, pebbles, or stone planters to your space. You can also divide the backyard into zones, such as the lounge area and garden. You can add several types […]

Home Garden Benefits

Investing in a home garden is a great way to make the most of your property. Not only does it improve curb appeal, but a well-kept garden will also increase the property value. Not to mention, it will provide a great place for outdoor recreation. A home garden will also provide you with a sense […]

Aquascaping Gardening

Before you get started on your first aquascape, make sure to understand how shrimp live. While shrimp live up to 20 years in the natural world, they are very delicate and need care. A large spoon is best, since it is gentler on the creatures. Shrimp feed on algae found in the aquascape, which adds […]

How to Plan a Rooftop Garden

Whether you have a large apartment complex or a tiny loft, a roof top garden is a great way to enjoy nature without the need for a backyard. Depending on the size and type of roof, you may need to invest in a wall or fencing to provide support. Also, building codes may have height […]

Types of Garden

There are several types of garden: raised beds, ground gardens, and window boxes. Although the latter is the easiest to create, it is the most expensive and time-consuming. If you’re a serious farmer or gardener, raised beds are the best choice. These structures also provide a comfortable interior and are best for homes with large […]

Gardening Techniques to Improve Your Garden Style

The benefits of layering are many and varied. One technique is called the lasagna garden, and it doesn’t even involve digging into the soil. Instead, layer brown and green items two to three feet deep. The brown layers should be twice as deep as the green layers, and can include fallen leaves, pine needles, and […]

What is Tropical Gardening?

When deciding what type of plants to grow in your garden, consider the climate where you live. While most people associate tropical gardens with hot weather, they can also be created in cooler climates. To achieve the look, use plants that thrive in warmer climates and choose a variety of contrasting textures. Here are some […]

Incorporating Garden Design Technology Into Your Landscape Design

There are many ways to incorporate technology into your garden design project. You can use drones to photograph your finished site, which is becoming increasingly popular among professionals. A drone can help you see the details of your plan through the lens of social justice, which focuses on the politics and socio-economic perspectives of fresh […]